Digital Lavender eGift Card

Give the gift of gardening! Send a digital eGift Card by email and let your friend or loved one decide on the perfect plant for their indoor or outdoor space.

Armstrong Garden Center gift cards never expire. You can feel confident you're giving a gift with value. Redeemable in-store.


Customer Reviews

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Lori M.
Took several attempts and calls to activate eGift Card but ultimately happy

I live outside CA and purchased an online gift card for a friend of mine who lives near your Center. When she went to use the gift card she was told there was a zero balance even though she hadn't used the card yet. I called the manager and she told me she would have to run it by corporate. I gave her the order number, my phone number and email. She told me she'd call the next day. She didn't call so I called her back and she told me that someone threw out the post it note that had the information on it so we started from scratch. She was off the next day and I was told by another manager that she'd call me first thing when she came in the following day. She didn't. I had to call again. This time she told me the issue had been resolved and everything was ok with the card. Why she didn't call to tell me that, I don't know? The upside is my friend was very happy with what she purchased once she was able to use the card. Thank you.

Love the Option of a Gift Card

I buy one of these for my mother once or twice a year since she lives out of state and loves to garden. She again was so excited to receive this gift. Thank you for providing this digital option!

Elaine M.
digital gift card

What impressed me the most about Armstrong is their customer service. Friendly, helpful and thorough. Thanks!

Donna B.
Printing out certificate

Your gift card does not print out well. It was too big and could not be folded into a card. I was very disappointed in the presentation.

Gift c.
It’s a gift card

Purchase process pretty easy