Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer Aerosol - 15 oz

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Aerosol termite and carpenter ant control. This technology kills termites and carpenter ants on contact to protect your home from damage. The formula is designed for indoor and outdoor insect control. One application provides killing on contact and residual killing for 2-4 weeks following the application for long-lasting protection. Complete with snorkel tube attachment for spraying into holes, nests, wall voids, cracks and crevices.


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  • INSECT KILLER - This product kills carpenter ants, ants, termites, and carpenter bees. It works better than most bait and trap systems, and it is more effective than liquid repellent.
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Designed for use in apartments many other listed areas.
  • DUAL ACTION CONTROL - Contact kill gives you immediate results when spraying insects directly, while residual activity kills insects when they return to treated areas.
  • LONG LASTING DEFENSE - Our formula is quick-acting and long-lasting. One treatment kills present insects on contact with residual killing power for 2-4 weeks after application.
  • READY TO USE - This product is an aerosol that is ready to use. Spray the ant killer around the desired area. This works better than ant traps and reaches a variety of pests. Complete with a snorkel tube attachment for spraying into nests and holes.