1/4in x 50ft Emitter Tubing 12in Spacing

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Rain Bird Drip Irrigation 1/4" Emitter Tubing, 12" Emitter Spacing, 0.8 gallons per hour, 50 Coil, Brown. Rain Bird's emitter tubing works like a soaker hose; only better because it doesn’t clog and requires no maintenance! Once installed, your plants and landscaped areas are perpetually watered as intended. This rugged and flexible 1/4” Drip irrigation tubing waters plants uniformly with pre-installed emitters spaced every 12". Tubing is easy to unroll and stake in gardens, flower beds, ground cover or other landscaped areas. Compact coiling method allows tubing to remain coiled as its extracted; making it easy to use and store. Flexibility allows tight turns with fewer elbows for fast, easy installation. Perfect for small, narrow and tight planting areas, as well as areas with tight curves or many switchbacks. Professional-grade for unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage. Connect with Rain Bird 1/4” barbed Drip fittings. Specifications: outside diameter 0.25"; inside diameter 0.17". Rain Bird "The Intelligent Use of Water"


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  • Rain Bird Drip Irrigation 1/4" Emitter Tubing
  • Built-in 0.8 gallon per hour emitters spaced 12" apart
  • 50 foot coil
  • Emitters water plants evenly from beginning to end of tubing throughout the planting area
  • Works like soaker hose, only better
  • Rugged, flexible tubing that's easy to unroll and stake in garden, flower bed, ground cover or other landscaped areas
  • UV-resistant tubing designed for above ground use
  • 0.25 in. O.D., 0.17 in. I.D.
  • Brown color blends into landscaping
  • Total satisfaction policy
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