Seaside Serenade® Cape Lookout Hydrangea - Monrovia

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Monrovia Growers

Amazingly long-lasting, large blooms that emerge pale green, turn pure white, then develop a lovely light pink tinge as they age. Thick, dark green foliage has wonderful dark bronze fall coloring. Superb cut flowers on sturdy stems. Mass in the landscape or use as a showy container accent. Resists scorch and burn even on hot summer days. Deciduous.

Mature Height: 3 feetMature Width: 3 feetLight: Partial Shade

Botanical Name,
Bulb Size,
Bulbs per Package,
Deer Resistant,
Evergreen or Deciduous,Deciduous
Family Name,Hydrangea
Flower Color,
Bloom Time,Spring and Summer
Foliage Color,Green
Genus Name,Hydrangea
Tomato Class,
Tomato Type,
Days to Emerge,
Days to Maturity,
Growth Rate,Fast
Hardiness Zone,4
Harvest Season,
Landscape Uses,Border, Coastal Exposure, Container, Cutting Garden, Firescaping/Firewise, Hedge, Massing, Specimen, Urban Garden, Woodland Garden
Light Needs,Partial Shade
Mature Height,3 feet
Mature Width,3 feet
Prune Time,Prune After Flowering
Self Pollinating,
Water Needs,Average to Moist

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Essentials for Success

For flourishing plants, use potting soil for potted plants or planting mix for garden beds paired with Root Zone starter fertilizer is the perfect duo to foster robust root growth and minimize transplant shock.


Planting & Growing
Provide enriched, well-drained soil that is moist but not soggy. Apply mulch to conserve moisture and protect in harsh winters. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system. Once established, water as needed to maintain evenly moist soil. Feed in early spring. Deadhead spent blooms; prune dead or weak stems as needed.