360-Degree Full Circle Micro-Bubbler - 4 Pack

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Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Micro-Bubbler on Stake, 360° Full Circle Pattern, 0 to 3' Spray Distance, 4-Pack. Use this versatile professional grade Micro-Bubbler with adjustable flow and distance to apply water-saving Drip irrigation around your landscaping. Designed for landscape and garden applications that require higher flow and wider coverage than spot emitters or drippers provide. Micro-Bubbler projects streams of water in a full circle pattern. Easily directs water exactly where you need it. Ideal for use in flower beds, mass plantings, and ground cover where you may require broader coverage. Simply twist cap to change spray distance from 0 to 3', and flow rate from 0 to 13 gallons per hour at 30 PSI. 5 inch stake features a 1/4" barbed fitting for easy leak-proof connection to all brands of 1/4" Drip tubing. Constructed of highly durable UV and chemical-resistant materials to assure long life. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”


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  • 360-Degree Full Circle Micro-Bubbler
  • Cap rotates to adjust coverage up to 3 ft. circle
  • Adjustable from 0 to 13 gallons per hour
  • 4 Pack
  • Barbed fitting for quick attachment to 1/4" Drip tubing
  • 5 inch stake lets you place water exactly where you need it in a wide variety of planting areas
  • Ideal for shrubs, trees, containers and flower beds
  • Constructed of highly durable UV and chemical-resistant materials to assure long life
  • Black color
  • Total Satisfaction policy
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